Tim Eliseo

I work as a contract software developer/consultant based out of my home office in Fair Oaks, CA, USA (Sacramento county). My specialties are:

I'm most interested in projects related to the cutting edge such as wireless, IPv6, cryptography, and routing/switching mechanisms. I sometimes do network configuration/administration as a way to keep up with differences among different flavors of Unix.

I am willing to travel to the San Francisco Bay Area or elsewhere for the first few weeks of a contract, and periodically thereafter. I'm not very interested in pursuing contracts that require my presence at the client's site every week, and am also not very interested in relocating. I'm set up with equipment to facilitate telecommuting.

I prefer to contract directly with clients but will work through an agency as long as the contract states that after 90 days my commitment to them is satisfied and I have the option to work directly for the client.

If you are an agent please don't call me just to "get me into your database" or ask if I might know anyone who has certain skills. Please check this page for updates on my availability.

My résumé (in Portable Document Format)

My article in the journal root from 1990

Converted to HTML for your amusement. Dated, but still relevant.

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